Caswell County Partnership for Children

Caswell County Partnership for Children

Marketing, Communication and Resource Development Services





This nonprofit serves the preschool-age children in its county with resources to parents and childcare workers to encourage early education and lay a strong learning foundation for primary school.

The website was very outdated, and it was not mobile-responsive. Also, it was hard to locate the available resources. 


Wild Olive Design partnered with  the local chamber of commerce to serve as the as the graphics and web designer for the project.

The client had recently finished a branding exercise, marketing plan and communications survey. They needed the expertise to accomplish these tasks outlined in their reports.

Products & Services

  • Brochure templates
  • Flier templates
  • Social media templates
  • Annual report template
  • Website design
  • E-newsletter design and template
  • Training video for website editing 
  • Training video for social media graphics in Canva

Stylescape Design

The client wanted print and social media design templates to use and reuse for a few years, but did not have the funds for software or training. Our solution was to create these designs in Canva. And to solve the initial training needs, we created a couple videos for making edits and changes to the templates.

Bonus: Nonprofits can apply for a free pro subscription. And there is a helpful network of Canva users online.

Originally, we were going to provide a day or two of intensive, on-site workshops on how to use the software programs, but then Covid 19 came a long and cancelled that part of the plan. So we held Zoom trainings, and developed custom tutorials for Canva and Squarespace and shared them via YouTube.

Social Media Templates

Preschool children holding hands.

I’m ready for a website redesign