Southern Sawg Infographics


The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SAWG) provides a brief annual report to its board and constituents. The organization wants to share a recap of the previous year’s highlights in an easy-to-read format. 


An 8.5″x11″ infographic is created as a page for the annual report as well as a stand-alone one pager. The individual data elements are then isolated to be used on the website and in social media posts. Or in the case of fiscal year 2018, incorporated into a video.


  • Design infographics
  • Social media and website graphics
  • Social media content and posting
  • Annual report design
  • Video design and editing

2018 Infographics

One Page Flier

For 2018, instead of making social media graphics. I created a short video that highlighted the accomplishments of the year, interlaced with photos that supported the infographic elements.

2017 Infographics

One Page Flier
An Infographic for Social Media
Mobile Display of Infographic on Instagram

2016 Infographics

One Page Flier
Infographic for Social Media
Cover of Annual Report

2015 Infographics

11x17 Mini Poster
Infographic for Social Media
Infographic for Social Media
Infographic for Social Media