Reformation Hope Brand Refresh

Reformation Hope Inc.

Capital Campaign and Brand Refresh




Reformation Hope is a nonprofit working in Haiti. The organization needed to build a new orphanage that would house more children as well as meet the current regulations of the Geneva Convention.


The campaign logo and brochure were designed to convey the need for the orphanage, showcase the proposed design, and solicit funding for this expansion. Subtle hints about the construction method used in Haiti were implemented. The capital campaign logo features a cinder block shape and the cover was given a de-bossed texture to simulate concrete cinder blocks.

Products & Services

  • Monthly e-newsletter design
  • Website design
  • Brochures 
  • Promotional items
  • Display advertising
  • Exhibit design
  • Social media graphics

Capital campaign logo (above) is based on the most popular building material in Haiti; the concrete cinder block.

Adults and children alike loved the cinder block stress busters that Reformation Hope passed out to booth visitors. 

The African textiles, in combination with the painted cinder blocks, give the viewer a hint of the visual richness of this Caribbean island. 

Immediately after the capital campaign to build the orphanage, the organization launched a new building campaign. One of the nearby churches needed to move from a small house to a facility that could hold their growing attendance. The plan is to build a multipurpose church/school/parsonage on the southern coast of Haiti, in Jacmel. The cinder block concept is still a viable idea as most buildings on the island are made of blocks and rebar to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.